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Dr. Mukhi Joins Cancer Center | South Central Cancer Center

Posted on July 8, 2016

South Central Cancer Center Adds Second Medical Oncologist Due To Increased Patient Volume

With over 100 types of known cancer, it takes a team effort to provide care to patients diagnosed with disease. South Central Cancer Center serves as the hub of the comprehensive cancer care program in Laurel which provides hematology, medical oncology, radiation oncology, general surgery, cosmetic and plastic surgery, and other medical specialties who work together to care of the patient.  Due to the rapid growth of patients choosing cancer treatment services in Laurel, a second medical oncologist has been recruited by the cancer center. Nikhil Mukhi, M.D will join Lisa Bond, M.D., the medical Director at South Central Cancer Center, in July. Dr. Mukhi completed his residency at New York Medical College and is finishing his fellowship in Hematology and Medical Oncology at SUNY Downstate Medical Center in New York.

Dr. Bond said, “It is never easy to receive the diagnosis of cancer. Patients who have cancer have one of the hardest burdens of all patients. These patients need a team to work together to achieve the ultimate goal – a cure. The people in this community are incredible. I truly believe it is the best kept secret in the state,” says Dr. Bond. “The services offered in Laurel and the resources we have available provide the best care possible for our patients. We care about each patient, because we see them as friends, members of our community, in our Sunday School Classes and encounter them in our daily lives. We are personally involved. Dr. Mukhi will be a nice addition to our program.”

Nikhil Mukhi, M.D., South Central Cancer Center

Nikhil Mukhi, M.D., South Central Cancer Center

Patient care in the cancer field involves multiple levels of treatment. It is not just about treating the physical cancer. Unfortunately, cancer is a very emotional and distressing disease. “It is never easy to receive the diagnosis of cancer. Patients who have cancer need to have the support of family and friends close to home. They need convenient access to health care services such chemotherapy, hematology, radiation oncology, advanced diagnostic services, general surgery, and cosmetic and plastic surgery. These services are all provided in Laurel. At the end of the day, you are a person with a life beyond cancer and I want to help you get back to it,” Dr. Mukhi said. “I look forward to moving to Laurel and getting to know the people of South Central Mississippi. I could not find a better place for my family to live.” His wife is a pediatrician and a pediatric hematologist who joined Ellisville Pediatric Clinic in July.

To find out more about the comprehensive cancer care program in Laurel, please call South Central Cancer Center at 601-518-7054. The center is located at 1203 Jefferson Street in Laurel, directly across from South Central Regional Medical Center.