Thank you for choosing South Central Regional Medical Center as a place of employment. South Central’s dedication to providing excellent care to our patients begins with selecting the best employee for the job. Having a customer service attitude and remembering that everything we do touches the patient and their family creates a caring atmosphere for all who visit our hospital.

All employment applications must be completed and submitted online. Applicants can also visit our Human Resources Department to fill out an online application.

PLEASE be sure you follow the instructions carefully as you complete the application process. Failure to follow these directions may result in an incomplete and unconsidered application.

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Contact Us:

Human Resources Department

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Position Department Shift Type
Food Service Worker – Jones County Rest Home Jones County Rest Home Day PRN (As needed)
Food Service Worker- CCNC CCNC Day PRN (As needed)
FT CNA CCNC 3p-11p CCNC 3pm-11pm Full Time
Full Time Biller- Clinic Management Clinic Management Day
Full Time Biller- Patient Accounts Patient Accounts Day
Full Time Central Supply Tech Central Supply 2:30pm-11pm Full Time
Full Time CNA 11p-7a- CCNC CCNC 11pm-7am Full Time
Full Time CNA JCRH 3p-11p Jones County Rest Home 3pm-11pm Full Time
Full Time CNA-11p-7a-JCRH Jones County Rest Home 11pm-7am Full Time
Full Time LPN 3p-11p CCNC CCNC 3pm-11pm Full Time
Full time LPN 3p-11p JCRH Jones County Rest Home 3pm-11pm Full Time
Full Time LPN-Dermatology Clinic South Central Dermatology Clinic Day Full Time
Full Time LPN-Ellisville Medical Park-Pediatric Clinic Ellisville Medical Park Full Time
Full Time LPN-Laurel Family Clinic Laurel Family Clinic Day Full Time
Full Time LPN/GI Lab Tech-Endoscopy Endoscopy Day Full Time
Full Time Patient Representative Patient Accounts Day Full Time
Full Time Receiving Clerk Materials Management Day Full Time
Full Time RN -ICU/CCU Critical Care Unit 7am-7pm Full Time
Full Time RN 6p-6a-A&D Unit Chemical Dependency Unit 6pm-6am Full Time
Full Time System Analyst – Information Technology Information Technology Day Full Time
Full Time Transporter Radiology Day Full Time
PRN – Child Care Attendant Children's Academy Day PRN (As needed)
PRN CNA All Shifts-CCNC CCNC PRN (As needed)
PRN CNA-All Shifts-JCRH Jones County Rest Home PRN (As needed)
PRN Counselor-Progressions Progressions PRN (As needed)
PRN ED Registration Clerk- Emergency Dept. ED Admissions varies PRN (As needed)
PRN EMT Basic-Emserv EMSERV PRN (As needed)
PRN Housekeeper- Jones County Rest Home Jones County Rest Home Day PRN (As needed)
PRN Kick Boxing Instructor Wellness Center varies PRN (As needed)
PRN LPN 11p-7a-CCNC CCNC 11pm-7am PRN (As needed)
PRN LPN 2 West-Med Surg MedSurg/ Second West PRN (As needed)
PRN LPN 3p-11p CCNC CCNC 3pm-11pm PRN (As needed)
PRN LPN 7a-3p-CCNC-Weekends only CCNC 7am-3pm PRN (As needed)
PRN LPN-1st West-Telemetry 7a-7p Telemetry/First West PRN (As needed)
PRN LPN-2 West-Med Surg MedSurg/ Second West PRN (As needed)
PRN LPN-3p-11p-JCRH Jones County Rest Home 3pm-11pm PRN (As needed)
PRN LPN-Ellisville Medical Park-OB GYN Ellisville Medical Park Day PRN (As needed)
PRN LPN-JCRH-7a-3p Jones County Rest Home 7am-3pm PRN (As needed)
PRN LPN-South Central Orthopedics South Central Clinics, South Central Orthopedics
PRN Nurses Aide-Med Surg 6a-3p MedSurg/ Second West Day PRN (As needed)
PRN Paramedic-Emserv EMSERV PRN (As needed)
PRN RN -OB-Days OB/Post Partum 7am-7pm PRN (As needed)
PRN RN ICU/CCU-Days/Nights varies PRN (As needed)
PRN RN-Emergency Department-7a-7p Emergency Department 7am-7pm PRN (As needed)
PRN RN-Emergency Department-7p-7a Emergency Department 7pm-7am PRN (As needed)
PRN RN-Labor & Delivery 7p-7a Labor & Delivery 7pm-7am PRN (As needed)
PRN RN-Surgical Services Surgical Services varies PRN (As needed)
PRN Wheel Chair Van Driver – EMSERV EMSERV Day PRN (As needed)
PRN-Nurse Tech-2 West MedSurg/ Second West PRN (As needed)
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  • Employee Health
  • Endoscopy
  • Environmental Services
  • First West
  • Health Information
  • Human Resources
  • Information Desk
  • Information Technology
  • Jones County Rest Home
  • Lab
  • Labor & Delivery
  • Laundry
  • Laurel Family Clinic
  • Laurel Pediatric Clinic
  • Laurel Surgery Clinic
  • Marketing
  • Materials Management
  • Maternal Child
  • MedSurg/ Second West
  • Nursery
  • OB Gyn Group
  • OB/Post Partum
  • Occupational Medicine Clinic
  • Outpatient Infusion
  • Patient Accounts
  • Pediatrics
  • Pharmacy
  • Plant Op
  • Progressions
  • Quality Improvement
  • Radiology
  • Rehab
  • Rehab Admissions
  • Rehab Outpatient
  • Security
  • Senior Care
  • Sleep Center
  • Sleep Lab
  • Social Services
  • South Central Clinics
  • South Central Dermatology Clinic
  • South Central Dermatology Clinic-Waynesboro
  • South Central Orthopedics
  • South Central Pain Center
  • South Central Pain Clinic
  • South Central Quick Care
  • South Central Urgent Care
  • South Central Urology Clinic
  • Surgical Services
  • Telemetry/First West
  • The Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Clinic
  • Third West
  • Wayne Farms Corporate Clinic
  • Wellness Center
  • Would Care & Hyperbaric Medicine