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Financial Assistance Policy

Financial Assistance Policy

South Central Regional Medical Center (“SCRMC”) offers financial assistance to eligible patients for emergency and hospital-based medically necessary care through its Financial Assistance Policy (“FAP”).  Eligibility is determined based upon a review of the patient’s annual family income, the Federal Poverty Guidelines, and documentation submitted by the patient.  Discounts range from 20%-100%.  An FAP-eligible patient will not be charged more than the Amount Generally Billed (“AGB”) for emergency or other medically necessary care charged to patients who have insurance.

Patients will not be denied financial assistance on any basis prohibited by law.  SCRMC intends for this FAP to meet the requirements of Internal Revenue Code § 501(r) and other applicable laws and regulations.

How to Apply for Financial Assistance

Patients may apply for financial assistance for previously accrued charges for emergency and hospital-based medically necessary care by submitting a completed Financial Assistance Policy application within 240 days of their first post-discharge statement.  Links to the Financial Assistance Policy, a plain language summary of the Financial Assistance Policy, SCRMC’s Billing and Collections Policy, as well as the Financial Assistance Policy application may be found below in English and Spanish.  Paper copies are also available in the Emergency Department and Admissions Department at SCRMC and in the Patient Accounts Department at South Central Place.  To request that a paper copy be mailed to you, you may call the Patient Accounts Department at (601) 399-6103 or (601) 399-6104.  Patient Accounts employees are available to assist those with questions regarding the application.  Applications and required documentation must be submitted in full for the application to be considered.  Patients will be notified by mail of decisions on FAP applications.

Participating Providers

Not all physicians and non-physician practitioners providing care at SCRMC participate in the Financial Assistance Policy.  A list of participating providers is linked below and is updated quarterly.

Collection Activities

SCRMC will make reasonable efforts to determine if a patient is eligible under the FAP before initiating any Extraordinary Collection Actions, as defined in its Billing and Collections Policy.  The Policy is linked below.

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