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daVinci® Robotic Surgery

daVinci® Robotic Surgery at South Central Regional Medical Center

daVinci® Surgical Robot, Changing the Experience of Surgery at South Central Regional Medical Center

Traditional open gynecologic surgery, using a large incision for access to the uterus and surrounding anatomy, has for many years been the standard approach to many gynecologic procedures. Fortunately, less invasive options are available. Some gynecologic procedures enable surgeons to access the target anatomy using a vaginal approach, which may not require an external incision. But for complex hysterectomies and other gynecologic procedures, robot-assisted surgery with the daVinci® Surgical System may be the most effective, least invasive treatment option. Through tiny, 1-2 cm incisions, surgeons using the daVinci® System can operate with greater precision and control, minimizing the pain and risk associated with large incisions while increasing the likelihood of a fast recovery and excellent clinical outcomes

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with a condition that may require surgery, you owe it to yourself to learn about all of your medical options, including the most effective, least invasive surgical treatments available.

South Central Regional Medical Center is proud to offer the daVinci®-Si Surgical System. The daVinci®-Si provides surgeons with enhanced features including an interactive video display, lower profile arms and greater mobility.

The daVinci® Surgical System provides surgeons with an alternative to both traditional open surgery and conventional laparoscopy, putting a surgeon’s hands at the controls of a robotic platform. The daVinci® System enables surgeons to perform even the most complex and delicate procedures through very small incisions with unmatched precision.

For the patient, benefits may include:

  • significantly less pain
  • less blood loss
  • less scarring
  • shorter recovery time
  • a faster return to normal daily activities
  • in many cases, a better clinical outcome

South Central Regional Medical Center proudly features five qualified surgeons that are trained in Robotics:

  • Rashad N. Ali, MD
  • Rachel Cudworth, DO
  • Robert A. DeSantis, MD
  • B. Michael Weber, MD
  • Keith Winstead, DO


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