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Diagnostic Services

Posted on June 1, 2015

South Central Regional Medical Center has a full range of diagnostic services to test and screen for illness or injury. Dr. Fred Vial of the Intervention Radiology Department says that the department has the most technically advanced equipment. The department is equipped with portable digital X-ray units. These units conveniently can go from the ER to the ICU and the patient’s bedside without a problem. With portable units, the medical staff can see the images as soon as they are taken. This allows them to continue working with the patient yet have the information available immediately. The information is instantly being sent through the network, as well, which allows the Radiology Department and any other physicians involved access to the images. This technology makes a huge difference in emergency settings. SCRMC has eighty-five highly trained physicians, yet it is not so large that the physicians do not have relationships with one another. They all stay connected to where they give the best care that can be provided. For more information on SCRMC’s Diagnostic Services, visit