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Vitalant Blood Drive | December 3 – 5

Posted November 14, 2019

South Central Regional Medical Center is hosting a Community Blood Drive with Vitalant. The Blood Drive will be held December 3-5, 2019 at various SCRMC locations. To reserve an appointment time, please call 601-426-4704 or visit and use sponsor code: scrmc.

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November 11 2019

SCRMC HealthBreak | Arthritis/Knee Replacement Surgery

The amount of satisfaction and enjoyment someone gets from successful knee surgery is tremendous. The value for the pain relief and the years of enjoyment that you’ll get from total knee joint replacement are well worth the investment. Patients really love this procedure. For more information, click here.

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November 04 2019

SCRMC HealthBreak | Varicose Vein Treatment

“As patients get older, they think they have to live with varicose veins, pains and cramping, but that is not true,” said Hossein Nasajpour, MD. “Patients are pleasantly surprised by how easy the whole process is.” Vein Center of South Central Mississippi specializes in the treatment of leg cramping, leg pain, spider veins and varicose […]

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October 28 2019

SCRMC HealthBreak | Urolift

“UroLift is appropriate for anyone who has an enlarged prostate,” said Jens Graversen, MD, Urologist at South Central Urology. “Essentially men over the age of 50 who have symptoms such as getting up at night to go to the bathroom, frequently needing to urinate throughout the day, having to strain to void or having a […]

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October 21 2019

SCRMC HealthBreak | Knee Replacement Testimonial

Ms. Roberta Moffett came to the decision that she did not want to live with the amount of pain she was experiencing from her knee arthritis. “We had tried other interventions with medications, injections,” said Steven Nowicki, MD, Orthopedic Surgeon at South Central Orthopaedics. “Together, we decided on a knee joint replacement. The surgery went […]

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October 07 2019

SCRMC HealthBreak | Parkinson’s Pt. 1

Those who are diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease initially notice a small tremor, stiffness in their back or legs, small handwriting and diminished balance. The PWR Parkinson’s Wellness Recovery Program, offered by South Central Rehabilitation Center, is specific for each patient. This program provides those living with Parkinson’s disease somewhere they can be supervised and  receive […]

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September 30 2019

SCRMC HealthBreak | New Role in Internal Medicine

Graham Rogers, MD, Internal Medicine, has a broad background in all areas of medicine and enjoys being able to treat a variety of conditions. Dr. Rogers treats issues as simple as skin infections to things as complicated as end-stage kidney disease and diabetes. One of the things that Dr. Rogers finds exciting and gratifying about […]

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September 23 2019

SCRMC HealthBreak | Urgent Care

South Central Urgent Care is recognized as a nationally Certified Urgent Care. It provides community members with onsite x-ray services, onsite certified laboratory services, a licensed medical provider and extended hours for acute care illnesses. South Central Urgent Care is open 7 days a week and accepts walk-in visits. For more information, click here.

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September 16 2019

SCRMC HealthBreak | Hand Occupational Therapy

Hand therapy is a type of Occupational Therapy offered by South Central Rehabilitation Center in Laurel. Patients from newborn to elderly adults can utilize hand therapy services. Patients who have experienced an injury or born with a condition that affects their upper extremity may benefit from occupational therapy from our certified therapists at South Central […]

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September 09 2019

SCRMC HealthBreak | Lymphedema Therapy

Lymphedema is excessive swelling that is not due to an immediate or recent injury or surgery. Danette Chancellor, Certified Lymphedema therapist at South Central Regional Medical Center states, “We can customize the program to any individual patient,” and,“It is one-on-one. It’s communicating with the patient and searching for answers to their particular problems.” Chancellor also […]

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September 02 2019

SCRMC HealthBreak | Stroke Pt. 2 – Treatment

“South Central is very qualified to care for stroke patients,” said Jessica Walters, RN, Stroke Coordinator. “It’s all really a big team. It’s not just one nurse that helps with a stroke patient. It’s the entire Emergency Department staff. When you come by ambulance, a lot of times we already know your history, so we […]

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