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Childhood Sexual Abuse

Posted on August 3, 2015

Childhood sexual abuse is more common than most people think. Statistics show that one in five men were sexually abused as a child, though many scholars expect that rate to be higher due to unreported cases.

Rhonda McNair, a certified counselor with Behavioral Health Services, states, “Some of the effects that men carry over out of childhood into adulthood because of sexual abuse is the guilt and the shame. It’s really hard for men to trust people in relationships. It’s hard for men to trust anyone that tries to get close to them because they’ve had such betrayal of trust in their childhood.”

Behavioral Health Services offers a clinic that teaches men to believe and understand that what happened to them is not their fault. They offer very confidential, non-judgmental private counseling with open dialogue between the patient and the counselor. The clinic uses trauma focused cognitive behavioral therapy that helps men talk about issues and talk about the trauma itself so they can get closure. Often if a patient can get closure, a lot of long lasting symptoms can go away.

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