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There's No Place Like Home: Barefoot Family Edition

Posted on October 19, 2015

South Central Regional Medical Center presents part two of There’s No Place Like Home. There’s No Place Like Home features testimonials from local fathers on their experiences raising children and having a family in this region. This week we take a look at the Barefoot family. 

“Laurel has a small town feel but it is great because it has all the attributes of a big city. That is why my family chose to live and work where we grew up” says Britt Barefoot, Supervisor at Sanderson Farms and local father. Britt and his wife, Holli, both grew up in Jones County and attended West Jones High School. After high school, Britt and Holli left Jones County to attend the University of Southern Mississippi.

“When it was time to start our family, we both knew we wanted to move back home so our children would share the same experiences growing up as we did,” said Barefoot. “My wife and I were both athletic. We played lots of sports and made lots of friends along the way. We want our boys to enjoy this same experience.” Britt is the father to three happy and healthy boys, Parker, Cruz and Ace.

“My wife and all three of our boys were born in Jones County at South Central Regional Medical Center,” said Barefoot. “You would think I would get used to the process of having a baby, but each time I am nervous. The great part about living here is that the care you receive from the nursing staff and doctors is genuine. They make you feel comfortable by having a great attitude and caring about what they do. It really makes you feel at home.”

Raising three boys is a constant adventure for the Barefoot family. “At first I was not sure what to expect about becoming a dad. You think, ‘we are going to play sports and have so much fun running around,’ but there is much more that goes into raising sons than you expect,” says Barefoot. “We are glad to live in Jones County because our sons have many of the same coaches, teachers, leaders and doctors that I had. They cared about me growing up and I know they will continue to care for my sons, too.”

The Barefoot boys receive their pediatric healthcare from Christine Chard, M.D., Pediatrician at Laurel Pediatric Clinic. “Dr. Chard cares about children and you can tell this from the first time you meet her,” says Barefoot. “She is always nice, professional and whenever we need her, she is available. It is a learning experience raising children and Dr. Chard and staff are able to provide the full spectrum of care for each of our boys.”

Laurel Pediatric Clinic is a full service medical clinic for children from age birth to 18 years old. From well-baby checks to chronic care and educational information, Laurel Pediatric Clinic is available to provide treatment for all children. The clinic is staffed by three physicians, Susan Atkinson, M.D., Christine Chard, M.D., Ali Naqvi, M.D., along with two nurse practitioners, Nancy Eaves, C.P.N.P. and Bridget Keys, C.R.N.P.

“I have learned that as a parent it is our role to teach our children. It is fun to teach the boys new things and see how each one grows differently,” says Barefoot. “When you realize what they are learning and how they are developing, you think back on your childhood and think, ‘wow, now I know why my parents did this or that.’ It is really rewarding and I think it is one of the best things you can experience in life.”

Britt Barefoot Vision