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SCRMC HealthBreak | Speech Therapy Services

Posted on April 4, 2016

Speech Therapy Services at South Central Regional Medical Center are available to people of all ages, from infants to senior adults.

Day Gibbes, a Speech Language Pathologist at South Central Regional Medical Center, says, “Speech therapy includes the treatment of speech and language disorders.  We also treat articulation disorders, which is a difficulty in producing the speech sounds.”

With children, feeding, swallowing, and mastication therapies are used to aid in the speech therapy.

Speech therapy is often also recommended for adults who have suffered a stroke or a traumatic event that affects their language cognition or speech production.   “We also offer dysphasia for adults to target any kind of swallowing difficulties they are having,” states Gibbes.  “At South Central, we are able to provide modified barium swallow studies, which is like an x-ray of a swallow.”

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