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Jefferson Medical Associates is Now South Central Clinics

Posted on November 6, 2017

Jefferson Medical Associates is Now South Central Clinics

As healthcare becomes more complex, physicians in private medical practices have been forced to spend more time on business operations and less time with patients. Experts say the number of physicians selling their practices to hospitals has increased 30% to 40% in the last five years. Jefferson Medical Associates (JMA) is one of those practices.  Jefferson Medical Associates joined the South Central Regional Medical Center healthcare team November 6th.  Reasons for this trend vary, but a primary reason is the desire of physicians to do more of what they do best, care for patients, and leave the business aspects of healthcare to those best suited to that endeavor.

Mark Horne, MD, President of Jefferson Medical Associates, stated “I have witnessed the field of medicine change dramatically over the years. Some physicians around the country have just given up medicine completely and others have become employed by hospitals. At one time physicians coming out of training wanted to work in private practice instead of an employed practice, but that too has changed. Today’s new Physicians no longer desire managing their own practice, with all of the business distractions.  Most simply wish to spend time caring for patients.”

In the past several years, multiple local  private practices have been acquired by South Central Regional Medical Center, including: Laurel Family Clinic, Laurel Pediatric Clinic, Laurel Surgery Clinic, OB-GYN Group of Laurel, South Central Urology Clinic, South Central Orthopaedics and others.

Doug Higginbotham, President and Chief Executive Officer of South Central Regional Medical Center, states, “Many physicians who previously worked in private practice in Jones County have come to us over the years and asked that we acquire their practice. Since we have done so, they have seemed to be pleased with the transition. They enjoy focusing their time on patient care.”

Prior to the acquisition of JMA, 73 providers (physicians, nurse practitioners and PA’s) worked for the South Central Health System. With the addition of the Jefferson Medical Associate providers, that number is 98.

Dr Horne said, “We have worked together with South Central Regional Medical Center to improve healthcare in this region for many years and we are pleased to be joining  forces with South Central.  South Central Regional Medical Center is an excellent, well-run operation. This change was the obvious next step for us.”

The only change patients will see is the name change. The telephone number of the clinic, 601-649-2863, will remain the same.

Jefferson Medical Associates is now South Central Clinics and the individual service lines are South Central Cardiology, South Central Gastroenterology, South Central Hospitalists, South Central Internal Medicine, South Central Neurology and South Central Pulmonary Medicine. Physicians representing these areas include W. David Sullivan, M.D., Cardiology; Carolyn H. Cegielski, D.O., Jesse H. Ezzell, M.D. and Stephen P. Johnson, D.O., Gastroenterology; David Harrison, M.D., Woo Sung Kim, M.D., Hamit Kumar, M.D., Graham Rogers, M.D., and Joel Shores, M.D., Internal Medicine Hospitalists; James B. Beasley, M.D., Charles D. Cannon, Jr., M.D., W. Mark Horne, M.D., and Mark W. Norton, M.D., Internal Medicine; Gulshan Oberoi, M.D., Neurology; Kimberly G. Dobbs, M.D., Pulmonology; and John Wallace, M.D., Sleep Medicine.  As part of the acquisition, Neurologist Gulshan Oberoi, MD, has relocated his practice from its current location at 319 South 13th Avenue to the Jefferson Medical Associates east building located at 1203 Jefferson Street where he will work alongside the cardiologist and the gastroenterologists. His patients have been notified about the relocation of his practice.

New signage went up at Jefferson Medical Associates Monday to reflect the new name.

Dr. Aremmia Tanious will remain in private practice and will continue to practice in his current location at 319 South 13th Avenue in Laurel. His new clinic number is 601-426-2140.