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I Love My Job | Gina White, LPN

Posted on November 24, 2017

“I love my job because I love being a part of my patients’ healthcare plan.” – Gina White, LPN

Gina White, LPN, is an OB-GYN nurse at Ellisville OB-GYN Clinic. Gina began her career with South Central Regional Medical Center in 2007. She feels that being a nurse allows her to build relationships with her patients. “I enjoying being part of my patients’ healthcare plan,” said Gina. “As an obstetrics nurse, I am with them for a year. From the beginning of a pregnancy with the first heartbeat to post-partum care, I invest time to listen and share with patients. We develop relationships and work together as a team.”

Gina chose the nursing field because she has always desired to be a caregiver. “It gives me joy to help others,” said Gina. “The staff at Ellisville OB-GYN Clinic functions as a team and it allows us to provide excellent care to patients. I encourage those who want to be caregiver to follow their passion. There are many different types of nursing – emergency, clinical or inpatient. Yet, the goal is the same, helping others.”

If you want to share the same goal of helping others with Gina, South Central Regional Medical Center has an area for you. Please today to learn more.