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I Love My Job | Miles Huff

Posted on December 1, 2017

“I love my job because I am able to help others when they cannot help themselves.” – Miles Huff

Miles Huff is an Inpatient Hospital nurse tech at South Central Regional Medical Center, however, he never planned to have a role in healthcare. “When I first began my job, I wanted to work inside with air conditioning,” Miles plainly stated. “I had no intention of being a nurse, yet the feeling of helping others has led me to nursing school. I realized I love what I do and there is a future in nursing for me.”
Miles believes one of the reason he enjoys his job so much is because of his co-workers. “It’s easy to come to work, because I enjoy my co-workers. We work together to accomplish a goal – healing a patient. Not all jobs have that goal, but at SCRMC our entire organization is focused on helping others.”

Miles and other employees at SCRMC share a common goal, helping those who need it the most. If you want to be part of this goal, please to learn more.