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Parkinson’s Awareness Day Event for the Community Hosted by SCRMC.

Posted on May 1, 2018

Parkinson’s disease is a progressive disorder of the nervous system that affects movement as certain nerve cells in the brain gradually break down or die. Since

Exercise Session at Parkinson’s Event

Parkinson’s affects everyone differently, the specific ways to live well will change over time. However, a positive attitude, being proactive in your health, exercising daily and making a commitment to take action are steps everyone living with Parkinson’s can take to live well right now.

On Monday, April 30th, South Central Regional Medical Center celebrated Parkinson’s Awareness Day by hosting a community education event. The event included Parkinson’s disease exercise sessions with certified therapists and education sessions from local healthcare providers on overall health needs. Over 55 Parkinson’s disease patients and their caregivers attended the seminar.

“There are a lot of productive years of life ahead for a person diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease,” stated Kourtney Murphy, DPT, Physical Therapist at SCRMC. “By taking proactive steps in your health, Parkinson’s can become a manageable diagnosis. Attendees at the event gained valuable resources in exercise, healthcare and prescription management. Their caregivers were also given information on how to support and care for loved ones battling this disease.”

Exercise Session at Parkinson’s Event

Community representative, Meg Moore, stated, “This group is very important because every person who has Parkinson’s feels as if they are alone in their journey. Some may feel embarrassed or feel like a victim, but together we can encourage each other and progress as a group.”

South Central Regional Medical Center encourages those who would like to learn more about Parkinson’s disease or services available locally, to contact Kourtney Murphy at 601-399-0534 or visit

Caregiver Discussion at Parkinson’s Event

The event was sponsored by the South Central Health Care Foundation, whose goal is to improve community health and provide health resources with funds raised throughout the year. The South Central Health Care Foundation was established in 1992 and serves to inspire charitable giving that improves the health of the community.