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SCRMC HealthBreak | Autism Testimonial

Posted on June 18, 2018

Autism spectrum disorder is a mental condition that is present from early childhood and characterized by difficulty communicating, forming relationships, and using language and abstract concepts. Bianca Price, whose son Ian was diagnosed as mildly autistic at the age of three, said that she started noticing symptoms when he was nine months old. She says that one of the first signs she saw was during playtime when he would line things up especially by the television. She also says that his speech was extremely limited compared to other children his age. She also noticed that between Ian and her other son, their learning milestones were different. The autism spectrum is broad and includes other symptoms as well such as intense interest in a very limited number of things, problems paying attention, being unaware of others’ emotions, depression, anxiety, change in voice, sensitivity to sound, and having TICS which is a habitual spasmodic contraction of the muscles occurring mostly in the face. Bianca Price says to have patience because your child can do anything another child can do, it will just be a little different. If you see signs of autism in your child, talk to your pediatrician.