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Free Vein Screening | September 13

Posted on August 16, 2018

The Vein Center in Laurel Offers Free Screenings for Varicose Veins on Thursday, September 13.

Varicose veins affect half of the people over age 50 and can start earlier, for example, following pregnancy in women. You may notice the darkened leg veins first as a cosmetic nuisance, a reason not to wear shorts. But for some people, varicose veins and related conditions can lead to significant leg pain, swelling and difficulty sleeping, along with more serious complications such as wounds, ulcers and dangerous blood clots.

Hossein Nasajpour, M.D., Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeon

Hossein Nasajpour, M.D., Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeon

According to Hossein Nasajpour, M.D., Cosmetic & Plastic surgeon in Laurel, “The Vein Center of South Central Mississippi can help provide relief and long-term solutions for venous diseases.”  When veins become blocked as with a blood clot or when the valves fail to work properly, blood will pool in the leg. Pooling of blood in the leg can cause swelling and pain, particularly when standing. These are the first symptoms that occur with chronic venous disease. As time goes on, the increased pooling of blood and increased pressure in the veins may cause the veins to become enlarged and painful. Also the high pressures in the veins can cause blood to leak out of the vessels and into the tissues. The blood becomes trapped in the skin, and turns brown. This brownish pigmentation typically occurs around and above the ankles. Over the course of years, the leakage of blood and fluid into the leg can cause damage to the skin. Ulcers of the skin can occur, usually in the ankle area.

“If people think they have problems with their veins, they should contact us for a consultation. However, not everyone who suffers from venous disease sees the darkened veins close to the skin’s surface that are commonly known as varicose veins – or spider veins when they are lighter. Yet they may experience other symptoms such as pain and swelling in their legs and ankles, especially at the end of the day,” Dr. Nasajpour stated. “Those who have this condition suffer from aching legs that feel heavy and sore. Some people get home at night, and their legs hurt so much they can’t exercise or go for a walk.

That’s a warning sign that deeper veins inside the leg muscles have become weakened, with blood possibly pooling or leaking outside the vein instead of flowing effectively to the heart,” he said.

The Vein Center of South Central Mississippi is conveniently located inside The Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Center in Laurel at 1410 Jefferson Street, behind South Central Urgent Care. “We are offering the complete line of vein services. Plus, we can draw from the additional resources of the hospital and collaborate with the South Central’s Wound Care Center when we need to,” Dr. Nasajpour said.

Dr. Nasajpour closed by saying, “The most important thing to know is that if you have this condition, you do not have to live this way. We can improve your quality of life significantly.”

A complimentary vein screening will be held on Thursday, September 13th at The Vein Center from 3 p.m. until 5 p.m. To schedule an appointment for a free screening for varicose veins, call 601-649-5931.