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SCRMC HealthBreak | South Central Urology Clinic – Lacey Blakeney – Intro to Community

Posted on September 10, 2018

As healthcare technology is constantly evolving and growing, the health care providers at South Central Regional Medical Center continue to evolve. Lacey Blakeney, a nurse practitioner at South Central, is one of those providers. She started at South Central as a registered nurse in labor and delivery, worked there for ten years, got her nurse practitioner degree, and has now joined South Central in the urology clinic. South Central Urology Clinic offers the full spectrum of urology and urological surgical services to both women and men.

To schedule an appointment at South Central Urology Clinic, ask your physician for a referral or call the clinic directly. If you feel like you have any problems with your urology system, give them a call. They are accepting new patients, so call (601) 428-0438 or visit to schedule an appointment today.