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SCRMC HealthBreak | EMServ

Posted on December 10, 2018

Herlon Stevens was a 32-year retired veteran when he had the scare of his lifetime. He was with someone when he started getting very tired. He got in his car and started to feel nauseated, and he felt his chest tighten; having been an EMT basic for several years, he knew that this was a sign of a heart attack. He immediately called 911 and told them where he was and his exact symptoms. Less than ten minutes later, an ambulance was on the scene. The team from South Central’s ambulance service, EMServ, arrived and immediately took an EKG of Mr. Steven’s heart which showed that he did have a heart attack. Stevens says that “I knew I was in good hands.” When you have a heart attack, minutes count, so making that 911 call quickly is key. Stevens says, “The earlier that you can contact an ambulance, it could mean whether you live or die. It did for me.”

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