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Men’s Depression | How Men Can Find Help

Posted on January 21, 2019

Depression is a normal human reaction to a stressful event and it can include a feeling of being overwhelmed, irritable and even hopeless.  Depression and anxiety are among the most common mental health issues in the United States, affecting millions of Americans. In fact, almost one in five adults will experience diagnosable depression at some point, and this does not include the many cases that go undiagnosed each year.

Brett Cutrer, a therapist at South Central Behavioral Health Services explains how these feelings can be exceptionally difficult to handle for men. “When it comes to depression, with men especially, you are taught from a very young age that the only emotion that is ok for you to show and still be a man, is anger.  So, a lot of times what I see are men that come to me for anger management, or something along those lines. In reality, anger is really a secondary symptom to the feelings of depression and sadness.  However, until they really handle that depression and sadness, men are not able to process how they respond and where that anger is coming from.”

Brett Cutrer, LPC, Therapist

One reason many men struggle with depression, is that they often keep their feelings to themselves. “Your feelings are valid.  It just means that sometimes you need help and you need a team approach verses an independent approach to how you deal with depression,” states Cutrer.

Depression can be caused by phase of life problems such as becoming older; separation anxiety – losing a loved one; empty-nest syndrome, marital conflict and serious medical problems. Some issues go on for a long time, such as divorce, which can still cause depression in grown children, especially when holidays and birthdays come around. Even happy occasions, like weddings, holidays and other events, may contribute to depression.

Cutrer wants all men and their loved ones to know that help is available. “It is important to know that it is going to be OK.  It is not as bad as what you are thinking. There is no weakness in depression. It requires a great deal of strength and the worst thing you can do with that feeling of depression is try to pretend you do not have it because it will continue to occur.”

Depression can affect the ability to function in families, the workplace and in the community. Life can be a joyous experience. Some estimates say that at least two-thirds of people who suffer from depression do not get help. It is the most under-treated psychological problem. One of the most valuable results from treatment can be the resurgence of your resilience. A professional can help nurture those innate feelings of hopefulness and belief in your ability to cope with the stresses of modern day life.

South Central Behavioral Health Clinic is an outpatient service that provides individual and family counseling through providers:

  • Amandeep Singh, MD, Psychiatrist
  • Carrie Foxworth, PMHNP, Mental Health Nurse Practitioner
  • Rhonda Smith, MSW, LCSW, Therapist
  • Brett Cutrer, LPC, Therapist

Mental healthcare for people of all ages are served through the psychiatric clinic that offers a caring staff of professionals, comfortable environment and private sessions. For more information about South Central Behavioral Health Clinic, call (601) 426-9614.