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SCRMC Progressive Organization | Dr. Horne

Posted on July 7, 2019

Healthcare is constantly evolving and at South Central Regional Medical Center in Laurel, the goal of the health system is to offer the highest quality of care with the latest technology to provide excellent care to our community. Mark Horne, MD, Chief Medical Officer at SCRMC is working with healthcare providers at SCRMC to ensure these goals are met.

Mark Horne, MD
Chief Medical Officer

“Our commitment is to our community,” states Dr. Horne. “At SCRMC, we are constantly evaluating the quality of our services because providing quality care close to home is the most important thing that we do. To ensure we can accommodate our community, we are adding a large new medical office complex to house the majority of our specialty practices, a new Emergency Department with state of the art equipment and a new Wellness and Rehabilitation Center.”

South Central Regional Medical Center began construction in 2017 on a multi-million dollar addition to the health system. The construction includes:

  • New Emergency Department
    • 28,400 Square Foot Facility (the existing Emergency Department is 11,036 square feet in size)
    • 3 Trauma Rooms
    • 21 Acute Care Treatment Rooms
    • 2 Triage Rooms
    • 6 Non Acute Treatment Rooms
    • A diagnostic area, which will include CT, Digital X-Ray, Ultrasound, and a Portable Digital X-Ray Unit.
    • Security will be relocated to the new Emergency Department.
    • Spacious waiting area of 3,200 square feet.
    • The Emergency Department entrance will have a canopy where emergency vehicles and private vehicles can access the area for patient drop off.
  • Shelled Out Floors for Future Expansion
    • A second and third floor will be shelled out over the Emergency Department for future expansion needs.
    • Second floor: 16,569 square feet
    • Third floor: 15,969 square feet
  • Walk Over From Emergency Department to the Medical Office Building
  • Medical Office Building
    • Ground Floor: South Central Wellness and Rehabilitation Facility
    • 2nd Floor: OB-GYN Group of Laurel, Laurel Pediatric Clinic
    • 3rd Floor: South Central Orthopadics
    • 4th Floor: Laurel Surgery Clinic, South Central Urology Clinic
  • Additional Parking Spaces
  • Helipad – A helipad, a landing platform for helicopters, will be located near the Emergency Department and visible from the interstate.

“All of these changes and improvements to our health system have one focus: to make the patient experience better and more efficient,” said Dr. Horne. “As a state-designated Level 3 Trauma Center, over 40,000 patient visits are made to our Emergency Department annually. Our patient satisfaction scores in our Emergency Department are higher than they have ever been, with an “Excellent” rating of 98% provided by patients during a recent survey.”

South Central Regional Medical Center employs more than 2,100 people. The health system has over 125 medical providers representing 28 medical specialties. “Our specialists have trained at some of the best programs across the country and they have chosen to work in our community. These providers are not just practicing medicine daily; they are making a commitment to be involved in our community. They attend local churches, have children in our school districts and volunteer their time in local non-profit organizations.”

Along with the addition of the construction project, South Central has two long-term care facilities, 23 medical clinics, a cancer center, wound care facility, a wellness and rehabilitation center and many other services that improve the quality and care of our community’s health.

 “I was born and raised in Laurel. After I finished medical school and my residency, I returned to my hometown. It makes me immensely proud to serve as the Chief Medical Officer of South Central Regional Medical Center and to be part of our growth and our future,” said Dr. Horne.

South Central Regional Medical Center is a 285-bed, public not-for-profit hospital located in Laurel, MS founded in 1952. The hospital primarily serves a 4-county area: Jones County, Jasper County, Wayne County and Smith County. The primary focus of the South Central Regional Medical Center Health System is to provide excellent healthcare services to the residents of South Central Mississippi and to improve the quality of life in the region.