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Immunization & Well Checks | Pediatric Patients

Posted on June 3, 2020

Watching their children grow and mature is an amazing experience for parents. At South Central Regional Medical Center, the growth and development of your children is important to our pediatricians, too. Understanding your child’s growth and development is an important part of parenting. One of the most important things parents can do to ensure their children’s long-term health is to make sure that children of all ages receive all their vaccinations on time.

Patricia Tibbs, MD, Pediatrician at Ellisville Pediatric Clinic, explains the importance for school-age children to have routine checkups every year. “It is important to monitor your child’s growth, to make sure they are gaining weight appropriately and their height is increasing properly. As medical providers, we look over everything from head to toe, and discuss development and common issues with parents and children. We want to know how they are doing in school, how they are doing at home, their activity level and so forth.”

To prepare your kids for school early, South Central Regional Medical Center encourages parents and caregivers to schedule an appointment for vaccinations and checkups today. Ellisville Pediatric Clinic and South Central Pediatrics are now accepting appointments.

• Ellisville Pediatric Clinic is located at 1203 Avenue B in Ellisville. To schedule an appointment, please call 601-477-3550.
• South Central Pediatrics is located at 1002 Jefferson Street, Suite 200 in Laurel. To schedule an appointment, please call 601-649-3520.