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South Central Children’s Academy | A Benefit to Employees of SCRMC

Posted on July 30, 2022

Excel Your Child’s Educational Development with SCRMC

South Central Children’s Academy | A Benefit to Employees of SCRMC

South Central Children’s Academy (SCCA) is an exclusive childcare facility available for all employees of South Central Regional Medical Center. The academy provides an informative curriculum for children ages 8 weeks old to 5 years old. Parents of South Central Children’s Academy find comfort in knowing that during their work day their child(ren) are in a safe, fun and educational environment.

Laurie Hodge, South Central Children’s Academy Director, expands on what the facility offers parents and children. “I have over 30 years of early learning experience. I have found that SCRMC is one of the best experiences to start a child in their educational journey. We begin teaching, directing and guiding students from the moment they enroll in the program.”

South Central Children’s Academy uses ABC Mouse Early Learning Academy and LeapFrog curriculums to prepare children for elementary school. Both curriculums are designed by educators and have won awards in research-based practices. By using these curriculums, children have fun while learning.

South Central Children’s Academy is committed to providing a safe, loving and nurturing environment for the children of employees’ of South Central Regional Medical Center.  We believe children should be provided stimulating, developmentally appropriated activities designed to promote physical, intellectual, and social well-being.

Kelly Tullos, MD, Family Medicine Physician at Laurel Family Clinic, attests to the excellent environment provided at SCCA. “Since I began at SCRMC, I have enrolled two children at South Central Children’s Academy.  As a first time mother with my oldest daughter, I hated for her to be anywhere else but with me. The caretakers at SCCA were quick to calm my nerves, and she has thrived there, as has her younger sister. The caretakers look after my children as they would their own children. The staff at SCCA have become an extension of my own family, and I am forever grateful for that.”

At South Central Children’s Academy, we employ nurturing people who want to set a professional example for children. Each employee is certified in infant and child CPR and trained in First Aid. Along with healthcare safety, SCCA provides comprehensive security.

Hodge explains, “We have security cameras throughout the center and in each classroom. For outdoor safety, security cameras are outside the building at entrances/exits and on the playground. Safety is our top priority. Our staff, as well as students, participate in monthly drills. Including fire, tornado and child abduction.”

If you are interested in learning more about joining the SCRMC team and the benefits offered as an employee, visit or contact our Human Resources department at 601-399-0517.