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TeleHealth Treatment for Skin Conditions | Dermatology

Posted on March 9, 2023

Are you experiencing issues with acne, but have no time to drive to a medical appointment? Don’t worry, we can offer treatment from your phone! This convenient service allows you to meet with our medical provider from your home, office or even when you are out of town. Our online TeleHealth visits make access easier, faster, and more convenient for our patients.

During the appointment, the provider will discuss your concerns, may order prescriptions or lab work, and if needed, may schedule follow-up visits or in-person visits. With our TeleHealth appointments, you receive the same excellent care and attention from our staff as you would from an in-person visit.

Brittany Gardner, FNP, with South Central Dermatology, is offering TeleHealth Appointments for Acne and other Skin Conditions. Call today to schedule an appointment that works for your schedule!

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