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Our 365 Web Nursery Welcome to the online photo display of babies recently born at South Central Regional Medical Center. This virtual photo album is designed for parents who wish to share their newborns’ first pictures with family and friends. When a baby is born at a South Central Regional Medical Center, parents may choose to have a photo of their baby placed on the South Central Web site for viewing on the Internet. Parents are asked to sign permission forms that assure photos are taken and released in compliance with federal HIPAA regulations.

Digital photos are usually taken the day that mother and baby are discharged from the hospital. For security reasons, photos are posted to the Web site about two days later. Parents may also choose to password-protect their baby’s photos. This allows photos to be viewed only by those to whom the parents give the password.

The online photo album gives parents a fast, fun way to share the joy of welcoming the new baby.

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