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Sports Performance+

Welcome to South Central Sports Performance+, an Athletic Enhancement program offered to kids starting at age 13 and up. This program will offer training in all types of sports – football, soccer, tennis, golf, etc. – to help the athlete maximize their potential on the field. Those who enroll in this program are trained by certified Athletic Trainers, Exercise Physiologist and Physical Therapists.

Athletes of all ages, abilities and sports rely on South Central Sports Performance+ to improve their skills. Sports Performance+, part of the South Central Regional Medical Center Sports Medicine Program, helps athletes of all levels, to improve their athletic skills, learn techniques for preventing injury and ultimately reach their optimal athletic performance.

To view rates for our Sports Performance+ program, CLICK HERE.

  • Improve Lower Strength, Stability, Reaction and Balance
  • Performance Enhancement
  • Athletic Training to Maximize Strength, Flexibility and Speed for Lower & Upper Extremities
  • Integrated Proprioception and Stabilization Training
  • Agility Training
  • Speed Enhancement Training

To learn more about this program, please call 601-399-6246 or contact us by email below. 

At South Central Sports Performance+ our goal is for the athlete, no matter the age, to excel. Whether it is a 13 year old learning new techniques for a sport or a 50 year old focusing on health maintenance, there is a program available at Sports Performance+. South Central opened a new facility in Laurel in 2022 to provide more training and performance options for athletes. To enhance the program, South Central Sports Performance+ has welcomed two highly experienced and trained athletic coordinators, Todd Breland and Chuck Everwine.

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