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Surgical Services

Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery

Hossein Nasajpour, MD, 601-425-7522

Dermatological Surgery

Amy Adams, DO, 601-425-4860

Ear, Nose, & Throat Surgery

Jamie Sisk, MD, 601-649-9706

Carl W. Stevens, MD, 601-649-9706

General Surgery

Kevin Ivey, MD, 601-649-7802

Seth Ladd, DO 601-649-7802

Chad Saul, MD, 601-649-7802

Jillian Carroll, PA-C, 601-649-7802

Chris Rivers, ACNP, 601-649-7802

Gynecological Surgery

Rashad N. Ali, MD, 601-425-3033

Rachel Cudworth, DO, 601-649-5421

Robert DeSantis, MD, 601-649-9904

Michael Weber, MD 601-477-2226

Keith Winstead, DO, 601-649-5421

Ophthalmologic Surgery

Judith L. Bradley, MD, 601-426-9454

Sarah Queck, MD, 601-426-9454

Orthopaedic Surgery

Charles Black, IV, DO, 601-649-5990

Derrick L. Burgess, MD, 601-649-5990

William A. Morrison, MD, 601-649-5990

Steven D. Nowicki, MD, 601-649-5990

Richard O’Keeffe, Jr., MD, 601-649-5990

Urological Surgery

Jens Graversen, MD, 601-428-0438

South Central Regional Medical Center’s Anesthesiologists and a full team of CRNA’s provide anesthesia services at the facility. Our Anesthesiologists are:

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